weed control
A Weed & Pest Management Guide is prepared annually with recommendations for weed control    and information on planting fungicides & insecticides
A NSW Farming Systems Group project developed best management practices for nutgrass control.


Click here to download the Managing nutgrass in cane factsheet


tee jets
Simple calibration & nozzle guides and a spray diary form can be downloaded below:

Click here for a simple calibration guide

Click here for a Nufarm nozzle guide

Click here for the spray diary record form


The Australian Pesticides andVeterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) recemtly made the decision to suspend the labels of all products containing 2,4-D and rep[lace with a permit. Ther permit requires amongst other things that all products containing 2,4-D mustnow be applied with a very coarse spray quality. 

This guide from GRDC provides good detail on the changes.

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