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  1. The SA Government considers overturning a longstanding ban on genetically modified crops, after a review finds the policy has cost farmers more than $33 million in the last 15 years.

  2. Western Australia's apple industry are introducing new measures in a bid to stop consumers from biting into bad apples.

  3. There are only a few weeks left to buy mangoes at the supermarket before the national harvest ends, with growers producing the second biggest crop on record.

  4. Invasive snails that first appeared in South Australia have now spread through large areas of states around the country and are playing havoc with farmers' harvests.

  5. The Australian Government's commodity forecaster has confirmed what eastern seaboard farmers know all too well — that grain production in 2018 was disastrous.

  6. The 210-metre, $172 million Tasmania Achiever II is capable of carrying 40 per cent more freight than any other ship across Bass Strait, but primary producers are urging the State Government not to be complacent amid growing demand for exports.

  7. The southern Queensland town of Chinchilla is known as the 'melon capital' of the world but challenging times in the industry have forced farmers out.

  8. Some florists are noticing a decline in the number of young customers buying Valentine's Day flowers — but others in the industry say it may signify a growing preference for strange alternatives.

  9. A lack of a childcare facility in regional South Australia is costing the rich grape-growing region skilled workers and a growing community, locals say, but for providers the costs might not warrant setting one up.

  10. Cocoa growers in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu are set to benefit from a limited edition run of "volcanic" chocolate bars in Japan, released for Valentine's Day.

  11. Ann and Peter Brooke became sweet potato growers by accident and now handpick each of their 16,000 plants, selling their organic produce at farmers' markets.

  12. Facing close to $750,000 in fines for taking 381 megalitres of water during an embargo, irrigator Anthony Barlow pleads guilty to water offences, but maintains the former water minister told him he could pump water "unless told otherwise".

  13. Another $350 million worth of NSW Government money to droughtproof farms has been pledged in the Liberal-National coalition's re-election push.

  14. From crop diversification to farming fish in the desert, the next generation of farmers have plenty of drive and ideas to thrive in a challenging industry.

  15. Many of us just can't get enough of Australian mangoes, but not long ago, the fruit was considered a luxury. How have mango growers turned their product into a summer essential?

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