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  1. Many metropolitan businesses have got cooperatives down to a fine art, but it's in the bush that the business model can have a real and lasting impact.

  2. Police say without public assistance, it will be impossible to track down the thieves who stole 400 kilograms of garlic, worth up to $15,000, from a farm at Cockatoo, south-east of Melbourne.

  3. Eleven months ago 12,000 hectares of land and 2,000 livestock were destroyed in a fire in regional South Australia. Today members of the community say it is more important than ever to look out for each other.

  4. As Australia's appetite for property sees farmland consumed by cities, there is a danger residents could be left hungry for fresh food. But on Adelaide's fringe, farmers are "holding the line".

  5. A town in South Australia's Riverland region, internationally recognised as being pest-free, has had a fruit fly outbreak.

  6. One NSW oyster mushroom producer finds coffee grounds, sugarcane waste, and compost provide an excellent base for gourmet oyster mushrooms.

  7. Staff at a family-run Christmas tree farm are struggling to maintain their yuletide spirit as an inundation of deadly brown snakes leads to untended trees and dangers to browsing visitors.

  8. While the Queensland bushfire disaster has blackened one million hectares of the state, volunteers from across the country have helped to avoid widespread damage and loss of life.

  9. The $27.5m Seasonal Work Incentives Trial has only found placements for 333 people in 18 months, falling far short of its 7,600 possible places.

  10. As more than 100 fires burn across Queensland, a northern community in the Mackay region claims it has been all but forgotten as it continues to battle a large blaze.

  11. Temperatures in rural NSW could climb to 40 degrees Celsius this weekend and summer is tipped to be hotter and drier than normal.

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