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  1. A group of growers from Western Australia's Ord Valley travels to South Korea to see Kimberley corn processed into corn chips.

  2. Members of Sydney's Vietnamese community have been travelling to Coffs Harbour to pick fresh lychees as part of their lunar new year preparations. Read more
  3. Australia has more than 150 Big Things, supersized outdoor sculptures of local industry and agriculture. Some are famous. Some are not.

  4. Five adult fly and larvae have been detected in an orchard in George Town near Devonport.
  5. How was your morning cup of washed catuai? Or did you go for the natural bourbon to start your day? We explain the science behind the flavour of your morning cuppa.

  6. As the extent of the Tasmanian fruit fly crisis is assessed by biosecurity experts, the wine producing community in the state's north is now working out ways to keep operating under control zone restrictions.

  7. Italy and Spain may be the countries that come to mind when you think about olive oil but western Queensland's only oil-producing grove has joined the world's best ranks.

  8. A Japanese company creates a banana that you don't need to peel before eating.

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