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  1. From 85 millimetres of rain in a year to more than 50mm in a day, widespread Easter rain raises spirits from Bourke to Menindee.

  2. With the olive harvest starting in some parts of South Australia, some farmers are now seeing fruit that has not developed or has shrivelled due to a lack of water.

  3. A new range of chocolate flavours is set to contest traditional favourites this Easter as a new generation of West Australian chocolatiers continue to take a brave leap into the unknown.

  4. A dizzying new array of chocolate flavours are set to bring taste to a whole new level.
  5. With an increasing international population and a focus on healthy eating, some horticulturalists are getting behind a fruit barely known to most of the country.

  6. Coles signs a two-year supply deal with Goulburn Valley fruit preserving company, SPC, to produce a new range of locally farmed peaches, pears and apricots.

  7. Bushfires, drought, birds and bats — this year's vintage has been a tough one for eastern Victoria's winemakers, but what is left is good quality.

  8. WA farmers already resorting to desperate and expensive measures to keep their stock alive are now facing a 200 per cent increase in water costs. Some fear they will be driven to breaking point.

  9. Francesco Amato and his brother Salvatore are keeping busy in "retirement" growing a huge variety of fruit and vegetables.
  10. Vietnam is Australia's fourth-largest grain trading partner overall and any change to the glyphosate restrictions on imports could have a big impact on Australia growers.

  11. Australian pistachio growers are struggling to keep up with demand as more people become aware of the nut's health benefits.

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