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  1. It's a case of "crisis, what crisis?" for equity traders, while in the engine room of global trade, the commodity desks, things are getting ugly.

  2. A decision by a major supermarket to sell mince made from plants in the red meat aisle of the supermarket has farmers and a Nationals senator seeing red.

  3. South Australian unions call for an explanation after the enforcement of strict labour licensing laws get pushed back until 2019.

  4. NSW Minister for Industry and Primary Industries Niall Blair said many areas of NSW were facing an animal welfare crisis as big mobs of kangaroos eat themselves, and farmers, out of house and home.
  5. Commercial kangaroo harvesters, processors and animal activists hit back at NSW Government plans to reduce the number of kangaroos in drought-hit areas.

  6. It's a a small plot but a big scheme — welcome to Engonnia, where an outback horticultural venture is changing lives.

  7. Particularly tough bacteria that have been on Earth for more than 2.5 billion years could help humans colonise Mars and identify life on other planets, a study finds.

  8. The much maligned brassica - the brussels sprout - is getting a new lease on life. Rather than sell the sprouts individually, Tasmanian vegie grower Ben Young and his family have decided to leave the sprouts on the stork and sell the entire plant through their "Vegie Shed" outlets. Ben says it helps gives the sprouts something of a 'wow' factor and sales are increasing.
  9. It's lucky that the native finger lime fruit is so delicious otherwise it would never get picked. The fruit grows on thick thorny bushes and pickers need to be decked out in protective clothing and take a good deal of care if they're to get through the day without drawing blood. Read more
  10. The word champagne may not appear on Australian bottles any longer, but a NSW winemaking family applies techniques used centuries ago by their ancestors.

  11. Drought assistance for NSW farmers is being doubled in the state budget, with low-interest loans, mental health support and kangaroo management on the table.

  12. Native finger limes pop in your mouth like citrus flavoured caviar, but your eating pleasure can come with a degree of pain for unwary pickers.

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