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  1. Brutal heat and bitter cold have cost farmers in WA more than 1.5m tonnes in crops over the course of a fortnight, according to a grain industry report.

  2. Bushfires and gusty winds have wiped out millions of dollars worth of mangoes in the Northern Territory.

  3. Farmers build bioreactors on their farms to reduce run-off of fertilisers that have been blamed for declining coral health.

  4. Farmers question whether to hand-feed their sheep in dry conditions in the hope that the wool price's decline will turn around.

  5. With more people including almonds in their diets, could the Red Centre become Australia's next almond producing region?

  6. A Riverland family farm diversifies its cropping operation to take on crickets.

  7. A farmer from drought-stricken NSW is set to reap the rewards of a risky move to plant his crops interstate and take advantage of floods up north earlier this year.

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