Contractor Information

Sunshine Sugar is serious about Health, Safety and the Environment. We want you to work with us to comply to Industry Standards. As a contractor coming to site there are a few important things you need to know before you start work on any Sunshine Sugar Mill sites (Harwood, Broadwater, Condong). Preparing for your visit to site will result in a more efficient use of your time, allowing your company to pre-plan your works to comply with Sunshine Sugars site policies and procedures.


To prevent delays or being refused entry to site please read the information below carefully!


Before Coming to Site, You Must  

  • Complete and submit the Contractor Application Form
    1. This includes the supply of relevant documentation such as
      1. Referrals & References (as required)
      2. Certificate of currency of Workers Compensation and Public Liability
      3. High Risk Work Licenses
      4. Registered Plant List
  • Complete General Induction - Applies to any contractors/suppliers coming to site who undertake physical work.
    1. Have employees pre-read the Contractor General Induction and complete the attached questionnaire and bring to site ready for review by Sunshine Sugar staff.
  • Give 12-24hrs notice to your Sunshine Sugar representative that you will be coming to site to complete work
  • Read and prepare to provide documented records and responses to requirements on the Contractor Checklist -  Minor Works and Projects

On Arrival, You Must 
  • Sign into the visitors' book at reception and obtain a contractor pass (i.e. all your employees who are working onsite) - If outside normal office hours please contact your Sunshine Sugar representative for further assistance/information.
  • Complete and be able to comply with Contractor Checklist requirements - Sunshine Sugar representative to view and sign off.
  • Complete the induction process including site orientation
  • Contact your Sunshine Sugar representative (or delegate)
Before Commencing Work, You Must  
  • Be allocated a Sunshine Sugar site supervisor - Generally the Leading Hand in the area in which you are working. Please note that this person may change during the time of the contract.
  • Be shown the work site and confirm the scope of works 
  • Complete a specific Risk Assessment for the work being done.
During Work, You Must
  • Complete works in accordance with safety rules generally as outlined in the Contractor General Induction. If you are unsure about any site requirements, please ask your Sunshine Sugar Representative. 
On Completion of Work, You Must
  • Contact your Sunshine Sugar representative and advise that you have completed work and if you have not finished the works when you plan to come back to site. 
  • Sign out of the visitors' book at reception.
Additional Information and Documentation for Contractors
  1. Contractor Application Form - Must be completed before coming to site and the information provided to the following:
    1. Completed application form to be sent to accounts payable
    2. Referrals and references to be sent to Sunshine Sugar Contract Manager
    3. Copies of insurances to be sent to purchasing
    4. High Risk Work Licenses to be sent to the Sunshine Sugar Contract Manager (or Site Safety Officer)
    5. Registered and high-risk plant checklist to be sent to the Sunshine Sugar Contract Manager (or Site Safety Officer)
  2. Contractor General Induction - All contractors coming to site must read, understand, comply and sign off the induction booklet. The last few pages are to be completed and signed by each contractor and the Sunshine Sugar Contract Manager.
  3. Contractor Checklist - Minor Works and Project - To be completed onsite by the Contractor Supervisor at reception. This document remains at reception and is kept as a record of compliance. The contractor checklist needs to be reviewed and sign off on a daily basis.
  4. Sunshine Sugar's Contractor Management Procedure - Must be read and understood by all contractors coming on site.
  5. Contractor Registered Plant Checklist - To be completed and submitted to the Sunshine Sugar Contract Manager before coming to site to complete works.
  6. Any other relevant documentation as required by your Sunshine Sugar contact - Requirements will be advised by your Sunshine Sugar Contracts Manager.
Safety Inspections and Audits 
Any Sunshine Sugar employee has the right to inspect or audit your work against policies, SWMS or procedures. Depending on the severity of any issues of non-compliance, actions such as immediate removal from site could occur.

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