Play School Visits Harwood Sugar Mill

Play School Visits Harwood Sugar Mill

There was lots of excitement at the Harwood Sugar Mill today as the crew from popular ABC children’s show Play School visited to film a segment called ‘To Market, To Market’. This series explores our food’s journey from paddock to plate – looking at environment, weather and seasons as well as the machinery and facilities involved in food production. 

We were able to showcase our full production chain from paddock to finished package, watching cane being harvested and transported to the Mill and then touring through the Mill learning about the sugar making process. Along the way the children learned how versatile sugar is, not only as a food, but also how it is used in making other important products such as medicine, paper, fuel and electricity.

Four local children participated in the filming – Keiran Benson from Lawrence Public School joined Lachlan Patch, Charlotte Reeves and Phoebe Mayo from Maclean Public School.

4 young stars

L to R: Keiran Benson, Lachlan Patch, Charlotte Reeves, Phoebe Mayo

Tasting sugar syrup

Tasting yummy sugar syrup

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