Ag Students Sweeten Things Up

4th September 2017

Ag Students Sweeten Things Up

For the fifth consecutive year, staff and students from McAuley College in Grafton have toured the sugar production facilities at the Harwood Mill and Refinery, as well as local Clarence Valley cane farms.

Year 10 Agricultural Studies teacher Mr Arron Kennedy, along with 15 students, spent several hours meeting with milling staff and growers as part of their sugar studies tour.  This visit gave students from wide and varied backgrounds the opportunity to see first hand how sugar is grown, and to follow its journey right through to the finished raw and refined sugar products.

Highlights of the visit included learning about how the sugar mills are geared to produce their own electricity and operate virtually carbon-neutral.  In the field, they learned that the sugar cane plant is also environmentally friendly, as it acts as a carbon sponge, absorbing more carbon as it grows than is released during its harvesting and transportation stages.

CEO of Sunshine Sugar, Mr Chris Connors said; “It is great to see the interest these enthusiastic students show as they interact with staff and growers on the job. As a keen employer and trainer of local youth, Sunshine Sugar welcomes these learning visits and supports the sharing of knowledge about sugar production and the value of the sugar industry to the local business and agricultural community.”

Over the coming weeks, the Harwood Mill will be hosting a number of other schools that have requested a similar experience for their Ag Students, based on the recommendation and positive feedback from McAuley College staff.

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