The Faces and Places Behind NSW Sugar

Alina and Kathryn

7th September 2017

The Faces and Places Behind NSW Sugar

Victorian Restauranteur Kathryn Russack has teamed up with Photographer Alina Golovachenko on an exploration of the people and places behind the sugar industry of Northern New South Wales.

This is the second collaboration undertaken by the pair and has been inspired by Kathryn’s quest for knowledge about where sugar comes from, who produces it, and how it is made; along with Alina’s passion for capturing the essence of a subject through imagery.

Kathryn remarked; “As a restauranteur, I know many of my food suppliers by name and pride myself in sourcing wholesome Australian ingredients. Because sugar is such a staple ingredient in commercial and home-kitchens alike, I wanted to see firsthand where it is grown and what is involved in the making of this very versatile food.”

Having spent a week touring through the Northern Rivers meeting with cane growers and their families, local businesses and touring the Harwood Mill and Refinery; the pair admit that the generosity and warm-heartedness of the people they have met throughout the northern rivers has left them in awe.

Kathryn also commented; “The soil and the people who work the land here just seem to go together. There is a natural connection between them and a shared passion for seeing sugar produced here, now and into the future. The area should be proud of its sugar tradition.”

Whilst the visit was both a personal and professional excursion, it is envisaged that the stories and images will be put forward in a photographic exhibition and shared across a breadth of food and beverage industries.

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