Healthy Sugar A Reality With Low GI

25th September 2017

Healthy Sugar a Reality with New Low GI Cane Sugar

The NSW Sugar Industry is looking to become the leading Australian producer of nucane™, a Low-GI Sugar, with Sunshine Sugar having signed a license agreement with food technology innovator, Nutrition Innovation.

Nutrition Innovation has developed a technology and algorithm to retain naturally occurring minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium in the production of cane sugar which has been certified as Low-GI to World Health Organisation Standards.

Sunshine Sugar will be the first in the world to install the technology to produce nucane - a sugar that is rich in antioxidants with a low glycemic index. It is specifically designed for industrial customers who require a precise and consistent, but healthier specification for sugar to use in their existing brands and recipes.  

"The world is ready for nucane." Says CEO of Nutrition Innovation, Matthew Godfrey. "What the team here have invented is a potential game changer for world health. nucane is aimed at helping to combat the global obesity and diabetes epidemic via partnerships between sugar mills and brands to increase healthier options for consumers worldwide. It can be used in all forms of food and beverages.”

Sunshine Sugar is currently preparing its Condong mill which is a food grade sugar mill to manufacture nucane.

CEO, Chris Connors commented; “With a worldwide focus on health concerns such as obesity and diabetes, nucane offers an opportunity for sugar producers such as Sunshine Sugar to manufacture a healthier cane sugar on a scale that makes it widely available and affordable.

“Sunshine Sugar is in fact the only 100% Bonsucro certified and Australian owned sugar operation in the world and is proud to be an Australian company leading the way in this initiative.”


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