2018 Season Starts in NSW

The first truck load of billets for the 2018 cane harvest season arrived at Broadwater this morning. Crushing will commence at the Harwood Mill later this week, and Condong Mill next week. 

In the Richmond Valley, local growers continue to produce the greatest volume of sugar cane of the three main growing regions in NSW.

The Broadwater Mill expects to crush more than 700,000 tonnes of cane between June and December this year. The footprint of land under sugar cane in the Richmond has been steadily extending as farming ground in western parts of the valley move to sugar production. “New and existing land owners are seeing the value in sugar cane and the NSW sugar industry as a good investment now and into the future”, says Mr Connors. “As an industry, we have a solid business model, supported by well-established infrastructure and positive grower relations; which has encouraged a number of broad acre farmers to make the move to sugar cane production.”

In the Clarence Valley, Australia’s longest running sugar mill, the Harwood Mill and Refinery is also preparing for a busy season. Approximately 670,000 tonnes of cane is forecast to make its way to the Harwood Mill for crushing.

A year on for the devastating floods that heavily affected the Tweed Valley, growers are looking forward to a less dramatic season and are expecting to harvest some 500,000 tonnes of cane.

This cane will be milled at the Condong Sugar Mill and much of it will produce a Low-GI sugar for both industrial and retail markets. CEO of Sunshine Sugar, Chris Connors said; “The start of the 2018 crush signals the start of full scale production of this exciting development in sugar. Low GI to World Health Organisation standards, we are aiming to provide a healthy sugar option for food and beverage manufacturers and consumers across Australia.”

Cane truck1 2018

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