Sweet Little Business

Rich River Coffee 1

Local cane farmer Danny Lickiss is a regular at Rich River Coffee.

Rich River Coffee may only have a small shopfront along the main street of Woodburn, but when it comes to coffee, these baristas and their car racing memorabilia have a big local following.

Mark and Jodie are the people who make this little coffee shop so special. They have a knack for knowing their customer’s names and remembering just how they like their coffee. This knack, along with a good grasp on the art of making a great coffee; have made this little business a big local success.

Local cane farmer, Danny Lickiss is not only a regular customer of Mark and Jodie’s, he and his family operate a number of sugar cane properties around Woodburn. All of the harvested cane is supplied to the local Broadwater Sugar Mill.

Danny dropped by Rich River Coffee recently to deliver some samples of Sunshine Sugars’ new look sugar sachets filled with sugar that is grown and made locally.

Sunshine Sugar is currently promoting a new look across its entire retail range which includes a new Low GI sugar as well as Raw, White and Caster sugar. A premium blend molasses is also hitting the local shelves as a health ingredient.

To support local farmers like Danny, look for locally grown and made Sunshine Sugar. If you happen to purchase Sunshine Sugars’ Caster sugar you will see Danny and his story featured on the back of the pack!

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