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Empirevale School 2018


Sunshine Sugar is proud to announce that it is coming on board as a sponsor of the Green Innovation Awards for 2019.

Following the success of its inaugural program last year, the Green Innovation Awards has this year attracted NSW Government funding as well as sponsorship from a number of well-known local companies committed to green and innovative practices, including Sunshine Sugar.

Founded by local business woman, Dr. Bridie Cullinane (Chiropractor), the Green Innovation Awards encourage children to develop a passion for the environment by asking them to invent, develop and present solutions for a greener way of living and working.

Sunshine Sugar has been pro-active in adopting sustainable practices for many years. The NSW sugar industry is certified sustainable to the global Bonsucro standard, across all its operations including farming, milling and refinery.

The local sugar industry has also demonstrated its commitment to the environment by investing in co-generation plants that utilise the crushed cane by-product, known as bagasse. The two plants are now run by Cape Byron and produce an electricity supply that not only runs the local sugar mills at Condong and Broadwater, but also provide power back into the local electricity grid.

Sunshine Sugar was introduced to the Green Innovation Awards last year, when approached by the Empire Vale Public School. This small school located near the Broadwater Sugar Mill won the primary school category of the 2018 Green Innovation Awards by creating an ethanol-based biofuel made from local sugar cane to run the school’s lawnmower. Their vision is that this sugar-based biofuel will be able to run cane trucks in the future.

Chief Executive Officer Mr Chris Connors said; “Sunshine Sugar has done a lot of work over the past decade to ensure we operate our business sustainably - from our farming practices all the way through the factory. Testament to this is the sustainable certification we have achieved under the Bonsucro global standard.”

Mr Connors went on to say; “support for the Green Innovation Awards is a complementary fit for our business, as it encourages the current and next generations alike to think and act more sustainably for the betterment of the environment and the community.”

Sunshine Sugar’s sponsorship will enable entries from remote and disadvantaged communities to be accepted, and interest is already coming in from as far afield as Papua New Guinea.

Open to both primary and high school students, entrants are asked to demonstrate their innovative ideas in the categories of waste management, water management, building and packaging materials or biofuels and renewable energy.

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