Warehouse Inspection

Warehouse April2019


Mr Kevin Hogan, Member for Page was at Harwood Sugar Mill recently to officially inspect the new $8.2million goods warehouse and silo storage facility. Funding for the project was split 50-50 between a Federal Government grant and Sunshine Sugar.

Mr Hogan said the facility will bring greater job security for the mill and the broader sugar industry and Lower Clarence economy. “This is a really exciting day in the growth and development of Sunshine Sugar.”

Worth $8.2 million, this facility will improve efficiencies to make sure we can get our product to market efficiently and cost-effectively.

Sunshine Sugar CEO Chris Connors said from a logistical point of view the new facility was a positive. “This is all part of our strategic business plan and at the end of the day we know we can’t stay the same as we have been in the past, we need to diversity and this is part of our diversification program,” he said. With Sunshine Sugar looking to expand their product range to broaden the consumer appeal of their products, Mr Connors said the facility will be put to good use.

“There is 4-5000tonnes of storage available, which is important for our new products, including our low GI sugar, “he said.

The warehouse is a modern facility with a dual roller door system which includes a state-of-the-art fast-acting emergency door, required for a food-grade facility such as this.

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