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WE GROW WATER - Sweet New Source of Botanical Drinking Water from Sugar Cane.

In an exciting development, Sunshine Sugar is set to add botanical drinking water to its portfolio of product offerings.

CEO, Chris Connors today announced that; “Sunshine Sugar has entered into an agreement with AquaBotanical to install their breakthrough equipment and technology to capture potable water from the condensed water vapour that is already created in the milling process. The sugar cane plant is made up of well over 60% moisture, which means harnessing that water has significant benefits for the environment and community, and fits seamlessly in to the AquaBotanical process.

AquaBotanical is an Australian award-winning and globally patented innovation that helps farmers minimise food and water wastage by sourcing water entirely from the plant.

Executive Chairman of AquaBotanical, Mr Terry Paule commented; “With water being the earths most precious resource, and sugar cane being a renewable source of water as well as food, fibre and fuel; it made good sense for us to explore the potential of this opportunity.”

AquaBotanicals proven track record in producing drinking water from fruit and vegetables along with growing concerns over the impacts of tapping into groundwater reserves, have been compelling drivers for this initiative.

“This project is another part of our diversification program which is targeting the sustainability of our industry and growers. It follows on the heels of our Low GI sugar which is developing strongly.” said Mr Connors.

And the bottled water market in Australia is growing. It already generates over $700 million annually, driven largely by consumer preference for convenience and health consciousness.

An added benefit of working with a world-class organisation in AquaBotanical, is that they bottle their products in a quality glass bottle that is fully recyclable.

“This partnership delivers returns on not just financial, but also environmental and social benefits to our industry and our communities of the Northern Rivers.”

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