Low GI Sweetens Malaysian Tastebuds

Sunshine Sugar’s Low GI Sugar, which commenced production in the Northern Rivers in mid-2018, has now attracted international attention.

Following initial enquiries made some eight months ago by Central Sugars Refinery based in Kuala Lumpur, significant tonnage of this all-Australian and Bonsucro certified sustainable product has already made its way to Malaysia with ongoing supply arrangements in place.

Central Sugars Refinery (CSR) is one of Malaysia’s most popular brands providing sugar and specialty sweetener ingredients for consumers, retailers, foodservice distributors, food manufacturers, culinary professionals and specialty markets across Malaysia.

Sunshine Sugar’s Low GI sugar has helped to fulfil one of CSR Malaysia’s commitments to the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that it has signed with the National Diabetes Institute of Malaysia (NADI).

This MOA collaboration is focused on the promotion of a healthier lifestyle among Malaysians; with a commitment to spread awareness of consuming sugar responsibly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fighting diabetes.

CSR Malaysia’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Hishammudin Hasan, commented “Low GI sugar, sourced from 100% Australian-owned Sunshine Sugar, will play an important role in our contribution to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and in fighting diabetes and other associated diseases alongside NADI.”

CSR Malaysia is packaging the Low GI sugar sourced from New South Wales as ‘Better Brown’, and has supported its introduction with a major advertising campaign pitching a wholesome and tasty sugar that is suitable for every Malaysian looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

It’s successful launch in the Malaysian market has led to ongoing orders of Low GI sugar into 2019.

Sunshine Sugar’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chris Connors said; “The enthusiastic response we have had from CSR Malaysia is testament to the quality and innovation that our Low GI Sugar represents.”

He went on to say; “Like many countries, Malaysia has increasing rates of overweight and obesity. Since introducing Low GI sugar to its consumer and industrial customers, the uptake has been strong, which is creating more market opportunities for our growers and mills here in Australia.”

Sunshine Sugar’s Low GI Sugar, which was developed in Australia, retains naturally occurring and beneficial antioxidants. One hundred percent natural, low GI sugar is more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised – resulting in a lower and slower rise in blood glucose.

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