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Processing Sugarcane into a Nutritious Stockfeed - A partnership between Sunshine Sugar and Australian biotechnology company Sustinent, is set to deliver environmental, nutritional and commercial returns for the NSW Sugar Industry and beyond.

Based in NSW, Sustinent develops scalable, clean, safe ways to transform crop stalks, timber and garden waste, into livestock feed. This partnership is developing processes to convert sugarcane straw (trash) into higher value products on a scale that is commercially viable, environmentally sustainable and able to work on a large, operational scale.

The product formulations completed on a laboratory scale to date, have been focussed on the development of Nutritionally Enhanced Sugar Cane Straw (NESS), an animal feed commodity with protein levels and digestibility profiles similar to existing high value feed products.

Sunshine Sugar CEO, Chris Connors is pleased to announce; “Extensive laboratory testing has confirmed a viable production process for Nutritionally Enhanced Sugarcane Straw (NESS) for use in stockfeed.”

A ready market is awaiting the production of the NESS product as a ruminant stockfeed.

Driven by the ongoing demand for livestock feed products, Sunshine Sugar and Sustinent are aiming to set up a large (10,000 tonne) pilot production at their Harwood Mill site, with anticipated product output by late 2020.

Peter Tomich CEO of Sustinent said; “There have been some excellent results in the protein enrichment trials undertaken and we have established strong pre-sale contracts for the NESS product. We believe that following the pilot plant, a large-scale facility can be established, which can eventually deal with all the NSW sugar cane trash. During this process, we have developed a very strong and productive relationship with Sunshine Sugar and are looking forward to building on the strong foundation to date.”

Further potential has already been identified in the development of a diverse range of other products using the Sustinent process, such as packaging materials and building products.


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